IN-DEPTH: Day 20 “Pick me! Pick me! I’m employable!” and periodic bouts of Tourettes Syndrome

So today was not one very focused on in-depth work (I can hear my lecturer’s gasps of horror even as I type this). A few weeks ago Jo-Anne Richards circulated the information that Primedia was looking for applications for a year-long internship, working between 702 and Voice of Wits (VoW). Today was the interview process, so Anazi, Luke and myself set off at the crack of dawn (well, 7:30am, but that’s early enough dammit!) on our great adventure into Sandown. Luke was worried about bringing in his folk’s car to the area and finding parking, so we went via the Gautrain instead.

Best moment of that trip – at one point I lost my balance on an escalator, and a kind gentleman with beautiful eyes and curly hair helped steady me. As he walked away, I said to Anazi that I thought he was cute – which would have been really smooth and cool, except for the fact that he was still close enough to hear me… Apparently he looked back and smiled at it all, but I still made us wait around for a few minutes before we followed in his direction. I suppose that at least I brought joy to my friends and helped relieve the nervousness for a bit? Still, not going to be winning any ‘Miss Debonair of the Year’ awards me thinks.

This statue shall soon be erected at Sandton Gautrain station as a monument to this day...

This statue shall soon be erected at Sandton Gautrain station as a monument to this day…

Once we got there, there was a bit of waiting around before the process began. Basically we started with a personality test – you’ll be happy to know that I successfully avoided the temptation to scrawl “I’M TOTALLY A PSYCHOPATH!” across it and instead answered as truthfully as possible. Then it was the general knowledge test. For years, YEARS I’ve known that I should really memorise all of South Africa’s Premiers, because that question has come up in what feels like every test I’ve taken since I was 12 – Geography, History, assessment tests to get into schools and universities… Never quite get round to it unfortunately, and that hurt me today when I was asked to name both the Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal ones. Nothing says ‘hire me! I’ll be a wonderful jouranlist!” like leaving general knowledge questions blank.

Interview itself was pretty good (for me, anyway), I always hate how interviews are conducted by a panel – especially when they’re all lined up behind a desk and you’re forced to sit right in front of them in a chair. I can’t help but be reminded of old school firing squads, except in interviews you don’t have the advantage of a blindfold and your arms being tied behind your back to prevent fidgeting. This one felt a little less daunting though, we sat around a comfortable table, everyone was very friendly and laughed at my jokes, and I was even allowed to drink coffee.

Anazi went first, then me and Luke brought up the rear. We took a leisurely stroll back to the station and started on the real work again.

This is where the Tourettes became apparent. I’m still, still struggling to get permission to film in the Joburg Market to film, which is a problem because I actually wanted to START AND FINISH that last bit of shoot tomorrow morning. I’ve emailed and called about five times each day (with responses ranging from “he’s not here” to “he’s not here again today” to “he’ll be back tomorrow” to “sure let me put you through… *this call has been disconnected*” to a few rings of the phone and another disconnection. Tomorrow I’m going to door stop in the morning and not leave until I talk to someone/get physically thrown out by security. I WANT THAT SHOT!

Final lap….


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Robyn was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, still isn't dead and despises writing in the third person. She received her undergraduate degree at Rhodes University, having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, History and Journalism at the end of 2013 and completed her Honours in Journalism (career entry) at Wits University in Johannesburg during 2014. From April 2015 until March 2016 she worked as the Communications Intern for the MRC/Wits Agincourt Research unit in rural Mpumalanga. This blog is a collection of the work produced: - for the Wits University student newspaper and website Wits Vuvuzela during 2014 - during her internship at MRC/WIts Agincourt Research Unit (2015/2016) and independent blogging (2014-present). Robyn is interested in everything besides sports and mean people. In the past she has specialised in photojournalism and television journalism, and considers visual media to be one of her strongest skills. She decided to become a journalist because learning about other people’s lives was more fun than putting on pants and having her own. Follow her on Twitter: @RobyKirk

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