IN-DEPTH: Day 17 Enjoy the Pissed-tivities

Friday? Bah, humbug!

“I was already pissed, but the cheekiness of that guy just added to the pissed-ivities!”

As always, Anazi has a way with words… I think we’re all just a little annoyed right now. We’re tired and stressed and running out of time. Today’s events didn’t help any.

So we started the day doing Zel’s interview with Mavis, a Piki Tup worker who cleans the streets of Yeoville every day. The light was crap to start with, and there was so much bloody wind that even with Fluffly (that’s the dead cat-looking thing we put over the mic to reduce outside noise) the sound was also crap.

This is a Fluffy, and we're not sadists because he really does look like a dead cat... Some days the best thing about filming is hanging out with Fluffy Photo Robyn Kirk

This is a Fluffy, and we’re not sadists because he really does look like a dead cat… Some days the best thing about filming is hanging out with Fluffy. Photo Robyn Kirk

Setting up to shoot is always a long process. You need to find the right angle, light, test the sound, make sure the mic isn’t in the shot… Today felt like longer than usual though,  because the sound kit was giving problems. We (eventually) figured out that the cable which connects the mic to the zoom (recorder) had somehow been damaged.

We hadn’t used this kit last, Anazi only got it this morning. It not working properly was incredibly frustrating because in the short term we were struggling enough with the other technical factors, and now had to battle with equipment issues that we literally only discovered while our subject was standing around waiting to be interviewed, so she could go back to doing her job.

Long term, it also means less usable equipment for the class – which has been pointed out previously is already in short supply and causing even shorter tempers… Only going to get worse as deadlines come closer, so I’m taking bets on who will win the class death match (or as I like to call it, The Great Sound Kit War of ’14).

But from there the day only got better! And by ‘better’ I mean much, much worse. We we’re going to park near the Yeoville Market so Anazi could talk to some people who are crowded into a small flat on that street. We got out, and got our stuff together to go inside. Zel (who was driving that day) has this habit of locking her car and then checking the handle to make sure it has definitely locked. It’s a funny thing to watch, but thank goodness she did it this time because her car just wouldn’t lock for some reason… And then we looked around, and spotted the dodgy guys across the street, one of them conveniently hiding his hand from view. He was using a jammer to stop the car from locking so they could steal it once we were gone! Bastardos! Paskiaiset! Adulteri混蛋!


Thank you Google Translate for expanding my range of swear words!

Thank you Google Translate for expanding my range of swear words!

Well, as it goes… It can always be worse – after all, at least I’m not allergic to air or anything.


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Robyn was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, still isn't dead and despises writing in the third person. She received her undergraduate degree at Rhodes University, having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, History and Journalism at the end of 2013 and completed her Honours in Journalism (career entry) at Wits University in Johannesburg during 2014. From April 2015 until March 2016 she worked as the Communications Intern for the MRC/Wits Agincourt Research unit in rural Mpumalanga. This blog is a collection of the work produced: - for the Wits University student newspaper and website Wits Vuvuzela during 2014 - during her internship at MRC/WIts Agincourt Research Unit (2015/2016) and independent blogging (2014-present). Robyn is interested in everything besides sports and mean people. In the past she has specialised in photojournalism and television journalism, and considers visual media to be one of her strongest skills. She decided to become a journalist because learning about other people’s lives was more fun than putting on pants and having her own. Follow her on Twitter: @RobyKirk

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