IN-DEPTH: Day 16 – Always plan (on having a)head

Roby needs a nap. And groceries. And perhaps a few minions to do all her work for her (while she has that nap).

Didn’t get much rest last night – after a full day of shooting yesterday, I took the equipment home with me to charge the battery and some peace of mind that I would definitely have it with me for my filming early the next morning morning. Do you know what God does to our most well thought-out plans? Laughs. Loudly. Probably while twirling his waxed mustache. Or maybe City Power is the one to blame here?

Because when I finally got home last night, there was enough power for me to start charging my phone and the camera battery from 10pm (and eat the last sort-of decent food I have, witch was a pitiful type of 2 minute noodle that was microwaveable and tasted even worse than that sounds) but at 10:30pm the power went out for the whole of Braamfontein, leading to me sitting in the dark and an almighty cry of anguish being raised from all the people in the bar next door, who were trying to watch a soccer match.

This led to a bit of a problem: our camera battery was dead and in bad need of some POWAH. I went to sleep and hoped that the lights would come on by themselves on how to solve this problem (ah-ha! see what I did there? I’m so punny). Then woke up at 2am stressed as fuck. You know that kind of thinking that plagues your sleep? Mine went along the lines of  “Ok, what if the power doesn’t come back on? Ok, then I need to go in early and charge batteries at the department [closed eyes in belief that the problem is resolved]. But wait! If all the buildings in Braamfontein are out, there might not be any power there either! Then maybe I need to call the group in the morning and discuss this problem, maybe they have an alternative [close eyes again]. Oh no, but my phone is also out of battery! So no help coming…. Ok, I go into the department early, I’m sure I can make a plan from there to charge it somehow [naive eyes close themselves again]. Oh no! But how early is early enough??? This battery is dead like Oscar Pistorius’s sex appeal, It’ll need to charge for ages! I’ll have to set my alarm for like 5am and go in as early as possible to give it time! Wonder if my folks are asleep? Wonder how cross they’d be if I called them write now… It’s not too far a way for them to come here, pick up the battery, drive home to Fourways, charge it, drive back and drop it off is it? Oh no! stupid phone is still stupidly dead that stupid thing…”

And on and on the thoughts went. Eventually the power came back on at 4:30am, and everything managed to charge. And what happened then? Yep, The Evil God of City Power (some idea amalgamation going on there) cursed me in a different way.

Nah, can’t really blame divine intervention for this one – I should have prepared for it myself. Woke up early, got picked up by Zelmarie and went to Yeoville, where I picked up the wonderful Noli and we went to the market where he sometimes gets his vegetables to sell on the street. We went to Joburg Market, which is HUGE! You always hear about all those starving children in Africa, but I reckon the amount of stuff in this market could have fed Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Rwanda, the DRC, Niger, Chad, both Sudans and Algeria! The amount of food was just staggering.

I had briefly talked to Noli about the place, and had (incorrectly) assumed that it was an informal market, like on the streets of Yeoville, and therefore a public area in which one is free to shoot in. Nope, it’s actually a small monument to produce sales, and was definitely a place that I’d need permission to film. We went to the office and tried to do that, but the guy in charge of marketing was out for the day and so we didn’t get permission. I’ve sent e-mails and gotten phone numbers, will give it until tomorrow afternoon and then will go on to Plan B, which is Noli just buying from the Yeoville Market (because I have permission to shoot there already).

Always plan ahead. And always keep your head. And always plan on keeping your ahead, especially of you are abreast on the head’s plans.


About robykirk

Robyn was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, still isn't dead and despises writing in the third person. She received her undergraduate degree at Rhodes University, having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, History and Journalism at the end of 2013 and completed her Honours in Journalism (career entry) at Wits University in Johannesburg during 2014. From April 2015 until March 2016 she worked as the Communications Intern for the MRC/Wits Agincourt Research unit in rural Mpumalanga. This blog is a collection of the work produced: - for the Wits University student newspaper and website Wits Vuvuzela during 2014 - during her internship at MRC/WIts Agincourt Research Unit (2015/2016) and independent blogging (2014-present). Robyn is interested in everything besides sports and mean people. In the past she has specialised in photojournalism and television journalism, and considers visual media to be one of her strongest skills. She decided to become a journalist because learning about other people’s lives was more fun than putting on pants and having her own. Follow her on Twitter: @RobyKirk

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