IN-DEPTH: Day 14 – Dr Seuss explains in-depth filming

As everyone who knows me knows, I am a dedicated, hardworking and timely student. 

"Oh yeah? Well you don't know me, Ron Burgundy, so shut your pie hole!" - I yelled at my computer screen before the men in white coats came to take me away.

“Oh yeah? Well you don’t have the right to judge me, Ron Burgundy, so shut your pie hole!” – I yelled at my computer screen before the men in white coats came to take me away.

But let’s just for interest sake’s say I hadn’t been as diligent about keeping my blog updated as I should have been. And let’s just say, hypothetically, that now I’m sitting in front of a computer screen, and all memories of the day in question have leaked out of my head and been replaced with random song lyrics from The Beatles and repressed memories from my childhood.

Then, what would I do in this totally-not-the-case-right-now-oh-god-oh-god-I-should-never-play-poker scenario? Well I could make ish up, but that seems rather unethical and bad form for a journalist. I could confess my sins through a funny and beautifully written blog post about the matter, but I haven’t been a good Catholic in years so the confession thing’s not really my style. Or I could write another amazing poem! This one was inspired by Dr Seuss, the beloved children’s author who, rumour has it, actually didn’t like the little buggers (#4 on the list).



Things to remember while filming in Yeoville

If you’re standing on a landing with a tripod in your hands,

Just a student who’s clueless, trying to follow Jo’s commands.

Lost in Yeoville on a street where the crime is very rife,

I feel bad for you son, better start running for your life!


Did you leave the cable for the sound on a table back at WAM?

Is the camera battery dead? What now? Will you make a plan?

If not go to Tandoor’s and find some classmate whose stuff you can beg,

If they refuse, grab it anyways and then kick ’em in the leg!


If you’re cruising for a bruising from a teacher of your choosing,

Tell them that you spent the day their expensive equipment losing.

If you really have a death-wish and want yourself to hang,

Just try rob Carol and at least go out with a bang!


Oh, your filming’s wrapping up and you think you’re nearly done? Sorry for you, ’cause there’s plenty more to come,

Now it’s time to edit for hours, hours, hours, which will really hurt your bum!

Then the critiquing starts and makes you want to cry,

Tell your mom you love her, because we’re all surely gonna die!


Repent all ye sinners, Father Time is marching on,

The end is nigh, we don’t have long.

Hollow’s Eve this year will be spooky, because that’s when we end,

To my classmates: type fast, shoot well, and don’t go ’round the bend!


About robykirk

Robyn was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, still isn't dead and despises writing in the third person. She received her undergraduate degree at Rhodes University, having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, History and Journalism at the end of 2013 and completed her Honours in Journalism (career entry) at Wits University in Johannesburg during 2014. From April 2015 until March 2016 she worked as the Communications Intern for the MRC/Wits Agincourt Research unit in rural Mpumalanga. This blog is a collection of the work produced: - for the Wits University student newspaper and website Wits Vuvuzela during 2014 - during her internship at MRC/WIts Agincourt Research Unit (2015/2016) and independent blogging (2014-present). Robyn is interested in everything besides sports and mean people. In the past she has specialised in photojournalism and television journalism, and considers visual media to be one of her strongest skills. She decided to become a journalist because learning about other people’s lives was more fun than putting on pants and having her own. Follow her on Twitter: @RobyKirk

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